National Migraine & Headache
Awareness Month 

Every June our community dedicates the month to spreading
awareness and education through various campaigns and initiatives.
This year’s theme is “A New Era of Care,” bringing public attention to
the revolutionary advances that are happening in headache medicine. 

The Power of a Coalition 

Learn more about the amazing participants
that make up the CHAMP coalition who are
leaders in the area of migraine, cluster and
types of headache diseases.

Historic Win for the
Headache Community 

Utah PTA passes a historic resolution
bringing migraine and headache disease
education into the classroom. This program
will reach over 600,000 students statewide.

CHAMP Headache Disease
Patient Access Survey 

Better understand the migraine and
headache patient experience.

The Power of Advocacy 

Learn more about how to get involved
and make a difference.


Covid-19 support for headache disease
patients and caregivers

New Era of Care for Different
Types of Headache Disorders

Learn about all the treatments available
for headache diseases

Take action. Speak up.

On June 16th, please join us for the first annual Advocacy Day of Action. Brought to you by the Headache Disease Policy Advocacy Network (HDPAN), a new cross-community stakeholder group working to identify and better support advocacy and policy initiatives that benefit the headache disease community.


types of headache
types of headache

Every journey begins with the first step.

Knowledge is power. Take the next step in your disease recovery by understanding more about what you’re going through. From headache disease types to FAQs, this is the first stop for anyone with questions about their types of headache disease.

Explore treatments designed to help different types of headache disorders.

Navigating treatment options can be an overwhelming task, but CHAMP has provided all the resources you need to learn about medical treatments, complementary therapies, and more.


types of headache
types of headache

Get help navigating insurance options.

Find the best financial assistance you can by exploring insurance and disability options for your headache disease and individual situation.


Connect with others, like you.

You don’t have to go through your headache journey alone. Explore headache, migraine, and cluster groups, learn about upcoming events, and find out ways you can help the community in our fight to educate, connect, and advocate.


types of headache

Join the CHAMP community