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Archive for November 2017

Patient Guide for ICER Review of New Migraine Medicine

Background: The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is assessing a new migraine treatment option to determine if it is cost-effective. The medicine, erenumab, is the first CGRP submitted for FDA approval, and a regulatory decision is expected in May 2018. Purpose: Insurance companies will use ICER’s final report (as well as other information) when determining…

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Move Against Migraine

The American Migraine Foundation launched the Move Against Migraine initiative to mobilize and empower those living with migraine. Our goal is to create a platform for those living with migraine to advocate on behalf of themselves, understand treatment options, access resources to manage migraine symptoms and connect with leading doctors and researchers. Through our movement…

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Fighting for Migraine With Words

By Dr. William B. Young—June 5, 2016 The words and phrases we use subtly influence how we and others think about the world.  This matters a lot for migraine.  It is hard to change people’s preconceived, ignorant notions and arguments just don’t have much of an impact.  I’ve been arguing for a long time, and I don’t…

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