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Resources for COVID-19 from CHAMP Members

We are the Coalition For
Headache And Migraine Patients


Improving patient journeys and ending stigma


Connecting and strengthening patient advocates and people with headache diseases


Ensuring everyone has access to effective treatments for headache diseases

Headache & Migraine Treatment Access Guide for Medicines & Devices

Resources for Overcoming Insurance Barriers


Treatment Financial Assistance Guides

CHAMP has created easy-to-understand Financial Assistance Guides to help patients navigate the many support programs provided by the manufacturers of medicines and devices used to treat headache, migraine and cluster disease.

Latest News

How to Overcome Insurance Barriers – New CHAMP Guide

Your health care provider recently prescribed you a new medication or device to help treat your headache, migraine or cluster disease. For an unknown reason, your insurance plan denies coverage of that treatment. Sound familiar? Sadly, this is very much a reality for those people living with headache diseases (and many other diseases and chronic…


Declaration Of Rights

Today, as we celebrate the independence of our country, we urge ALL to declare the rights of those living with headache diseases by signing your name to the first-ever Declaration of Rights for People with Headache Diseases.

Your Talents Can Make a Difference

Volunteers Needed!

The headache, migraine and cluster disease community is growing – growing stronger, louder and more empowered. Our voices are starting to be heard and our efforts are making a difference. There is no better time to lend your time and join us. Each June, our community celebrates Migraine Solidarity Day with the Association of Migraine…


Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients

CHAMP helps people with headache diseases by providing information, resources, events, community  and advocacy.

CHAMP brings together organizations and leaders in this disease area to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration.

Members of CHAMP standing on a green lawn with a banner with the logo on it.

Accessing Treatments and Understanding Insurance

Click on the images below to view migraine content from CHAMP member organization, the Patient Advocate Foundation.

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