Our mission is to improve the lives of people with migraine, cluster and other headache diseases by aligning coalition participants and empowering patient voices.

CHAMP Participant Organizations

CHAMP brings together the most influential patient advocacy organizations and leaders in the area of migraine, cluster, and headache diseases. It enhances communication, coordination, and collaboration to more effectively fight stigma and help people achieve fair access to treatments. Our greatest strength is our members and it is a reflection of how strong people are who live with headache diseases.


Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy

The AHDA gives voices to the millions of Americans who are living with headache disorders. It has been the leading voice in federal headache advocacy. Whether fighting against discriminatory practices, policies, or laws; drafting legislation; or making comments to regulatory agencies, the AHDA is at the forefront. Its priorities involve advocating for equitable policies and funding under the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Defense, the Indian Health Service, the United States Department of Education, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Association of Migraine Disorders

The Association of Migraine Disorders expands the understanding of migraine disease and its true scope. It includes many medical specialties in the management of this disease. The centerpiece of this effort is a comprehensive online course to accelerate the training of more medical professionals. For patients, AMD shares the opinions of experts in its series of short podcasts. The organization believes that migraine has yet to capture the support of the public; therefore, it hosts Shades for Migraine, a playful, collaborative public awareness campaign. AMD strives to connect and grow an integrated migraine research community.





Chronic Migraine Awareness Inc.

Chronic Migraine Awareness is the voice of the chronic migraine community. It supports, educates and empowers people in their health journey. CMA hosts online peer-to-peer global support groups, social media campaigns and in-person events.


Clusterbusters raises awareness for cluster headache by partnering with and advising medical professionals and innovators to develop new treatments. It educates medical professionals and the patient community in order to reduce time to diagnosis and increase access to appropriate treatments.

The Cluster Headache Support Group

Cluster Headache Support Group provides a safe, supportive, community for patients and caregivers affected by cluster headache. It offers patient education and access to accurate, relevant information and resources.

Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation

The Foundation was established in memory of beloved daughter and sister, Danielle, who battled migraine disease for 10 years. It ultimately led to her death at the age of 17. Its mission is to increase access to care, especially for young adults and children, by educating primary care providers in the treatment of migraine.

Headache and Migraine Policy Forum (HMPF)

The Headache and Migraine Policy Forum advances public policies and practices that promote accelerated innovation and improved treatments for persons living with headache and migraine disease.




Hope for Migraine

This online community is a support and information group for people with migraine who are taking or interested in the new classes of medications and medical devices. This group provides an opportunity to talk about real world treatment experience, shares evidence-based information, provides resources about access, insurance and clinical trials, and posts updates about treatment options in the clinical pipeline.

Migraine Again

Founded in 2014 by patients and for patients. Migraine Again offers a collection of website articles, newsletters, videos, podcasts, interviews and resources. All content is produced by people with migraine and medically reviewed by leading headache specialists.




The website is the only patient owned and operated migraine website that medically reviews all content. A team of board-certified migraine and headache specialists review content for accuracy.


The mission of The MigraineNation Foundation is to improve the lives of people with migraine by decreasing the frequency and severity of their migraine experience through outreach, education, and research.

Migraine World Summit

Migraine World Summit is the largest virtual patient event in the world for those with chronic headache and migraine disease. Its mission is to reduce the global burden of migraine through world-class education.

Miles for Migraine

Miles for Migraine reduces the burden of isolation and stigma for people with migraine disease, headache disease and their caregivers. It creates community at fun walk/run events, educational programs and support groups.


NDPHaware is a new organization sharing information and organizing advocates around New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). The primary objective of NDPHaware is to find and promote treatments that will help people to effectively manage their condition.

Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation helps patients facing critical illness and debilitating disease as they encounter barriers in their healthcare. Utilizing experience from 20+ years working alongside patients, PAF provides educational materials that help patients self-advocate to overcome common challenges.

U.S. Pain Foundation

U.S. Pain Foundation is the leading advocacy organization for people with pain. Its mission is to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for individuals living with chronic illness that causes pain, as well as their caregivers and clinicians.


Parenting with Migraine

Parenting With Migraine is a brand and blog created by Marina Medved-Lentini, sharing her parenting journey with chronic Migraine. Parenting With Migraine supports people with Migraine, especially parents, through education and empowerment.

Anna Williams

Anna has become an avid patient advocate after her long medical journey ending in the diagnosis of migraine, cluster headache, SUNCT and trigeminal neuralgia. She enjoys raising awareness to patients and professionals alike by connecting them to resources. She believes, “Every story matters and needs to be heard.”

The Daily Headache

The Daily Headache is a blog that candidly addresses the emotional experience of living with migraine and headache disorders. It explores coping strategies, treatments and research.

Golden Graine

Golden Graine is a blog and brand created by professional patient, Katie M. Golden. She shares how she lives a fulfilled life with chronic migraine and pain. Katie found a purpose in writing openly about her experiences of navigating an extremely misunderstood and stigmatized chronic illness.

The Migraine Diva

Through patient advocacy, the Migraine Diva’s mission is to help empower and educate people living with headache, migraine disease and mental illness. Their goal is to share ideas, resources and information about accessible treatments to improve the lives of migraine patients and caregivers.


MigrainePal helps those with migraine get the facts with medically referenced answers. Readers can find practical and evidence-based information to empower themselves.

CHAMP-approved info and materials.

Many new medicines and devices have been approved over the past few years for the treatment of headache, migraine and cluster diseases. Pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers are currently offering financial assistance programs to help cover costs and get these new treatments into the hands of patients. The details for each program varies. To help you navigate, CHAMP created Financial Assistance Guides that provide easy-to-understand information, whether you have private or public insurance or are uninsured.


Meet the official CHAMP team.

The Coalition for headache and migraine patients provides support to people with headache, migraine and cluster diseases who are often stigmatized and under-served.


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