CHAMP Calls for Action on Elle’s Migraine Pose Article

Elle Migraine Pose

Dear Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief of Elle; Kristina Rodulfo, Senior Beauty Editor of Elle; and Steven Swartz, President and CEO of Hearst: Trivializing migraine trivializes women. Your mission statement, “ELLE inspires women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives,” is an empowering, inclusive and non-judgmental objective for your publication. However,…

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Shades for Migraine

Shades for Migraine Challenge

Shades for Migraine Challenge from the Association of Migraine Disorders ​Wear some sunglasses all day long on June 21 – the longest day of the year! Dare friends to wear theirs too. They just need to be visible…hanging around your neck or from your shirt, or propped on your head if you can’t wear them on your face…

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CHAMP Statement on ICER Evidence Report


“We appreciate the attention that ICER’s review has brought to a disease that is often overlooked and undertreated. These new CGRP inhibitors are the first medicines developed and approved for the prevention of migraine attacks. With ICER finding that these medicines are cost-effective for migraine patients that have been failed by other treatments, we call…

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CHAMP Statement on CGRP Inhibitor FDA Approval

Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients

“For the tens of millions of Americans who endure the pain and disabling effects of migraine disease, we congratulate Amgen and Novartis on the FDA approval of erenumab. This new class of medicine is the first to be developed and approved for the prevention of migraine attacks. We now call on all stakeholders in healthcare…

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Updated ICER Patient Input Guide


The voice of migraine patients must be heard!
ICER is evaluating the new CGRP inhibitor medicines and they have refused our request to have a migraine patient or a headache specialist on the voting panel. They must hear from patients via written submissions so that the voting panel understands the pain, disability and burden of migraine disease and the desperate need for access to more effective treatments.

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Study: Migraine Pain Could be Eased With Ketamine

By Honor Whiteman | Fact checked by Jasmin Collier Migraine is one of the most common and debilitating conditions in the United States. While there are therapies that can help to manage migraine, not all patients respond. A new study finds that ketamine, which is a drug primarily used as an anesthetic, could offer an alternative treatment. >>>…

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Patient Guide for ICER Review of New Migraine Medicine

Background: The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is assessing a new migraine treatment option to determine if it is cost-effective. The medicine, erenumab, is the first CGRP submitted for FDA approval, and a regulatory decision is expected in May 2018. Purpose: Insurance companies will use ICER’s final report (as well as other information) when determining…

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