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Daily MHAM Headlines for June 11th

Headline - Your Daily Dose During National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.

 June 11th Recognition Day

Disability & Headache Diseases

Featured Content – MigraineAgain

5 Secrets to Get Approved for Migraine Disability

Healthy Women Special Content

Healthy Women

Click image to read article by Katie M. Golden

Chronic Illness Took Me Out of the Workforce and I’m Fighting to Keep the Care

MHAM Trivia – Miles for Migraine

MHAM Trivia

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Which term is most acceptable?

Migraine headache

Migraine attack

Medication Overuse

Migraine personality

Be Visible – Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc & Migraine Mantras

What would you tell people to help them understand that #MigraineMatters, that it is a disabling condition and that better treatment and further research is imperative. Your quote may be used in the Migraine Mantras blog.

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Fact-A-Day – U.S. Pain Foundation & Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc

Be Aware...Migraine is the leading cause of disability among all neurological disorders. Journal of Headache and Pain

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Spinal CSF Leak Foundation

Forced to lay downClick image to read article and share on social media

Disability Associated with Headache Disorders is Underappreciated

Blogging & Social Media Challenge –

My Place

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My Place

Advocate Stories –

Advocate VideosClick image to watch and share this video by Janet Geddis

The Migraine Girl’s Weekly Pill Box

Migraine Journeys – MigraineAgain

“I Was Fired for the First Time Thanks to Migraine. It Broke My Heart”

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INvisible Project

Deb & Disability

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Deborah Turk


There are no in-person events today. To see a full list of events visit CHAMP’s calendar.

June 2018 - National Migraine & Headaceh Awareness Month. #MHAM. You Are Not Alone. Partnering for Better Headache & Migraine Care.

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