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Daily MHAM Headlines for June 2nd

Headline - Your Daily Dose During National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.

 June 2nd

Recognition Day: Light Up The Landmarks

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Migraine, headache & cluster advocates all across the country have been contacting their local landmarks, municipal buildings, businesses, bridges and other venues to turn the lighting to PURPLE tonight in honor of National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.

Many thanks to Tammy Hummel, National Headache Foundation, and Cari Cutler who were able to secure several Landmarks. Many others have been working on other landmarks and we’re happy if a venue would recognize MHAM any day this month by participating in Light Up the Landmarks.

If you see any purple lights tonight – take a picture and send it to

Break the Silence this June for Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Help the National Headache Foundation break the silence for the millions who suffer from migraine and headache by sharing your story! June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, and this year, the NHF is collecting stories from around the world at the newly launched

Anyone can submit a story through, either through words or video. The goal is to empower migraine and headache sufferers by showing them that they are not alone. Not only that, increasing awareness of the disease will lead to further research and treatments.

Recognition Day content from

Out of My Head Brings Migraine to the Big Screen

Blogging & Social Media Challenge –

Some Pig

Click image to go to challenge

Who’s Your Charlotte?

Advocate Videos –

Advocate Videos

Click image to watch Lisa Benson’s story and share on social media

The Migraine and the Mountain: A Travel Story

Be Visible – Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc & Migraine Mantras

Decorate your home, front door, desk at work, etc. and share pictures. Think purple lights, balloons, streamers, flowers.

Click image to share a picture of how you decorated with purple

Be Aware: Fact-A-Day – U.S. Pain Foundation &

Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc

Be Aware...Migraine is disabling, and is ranked as the 6th highest cause of disability globally. World Health Organization

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Migraine Journeys – MigraineAgain

There is no magic treatment. Climbing out of the darkness takes diligence.

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Association of Migraine Distorders

AMD’s Migraine Awards Dinner

USPF Fundraiser

Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala


June 2018 - National Migraine & Headaceh Awareness Month. #MHAM. You Are Not Alone. Partnering for Better Headache & Migraine Care.

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