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Headline - Your Daily Dose During National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.

 June 23rd Recognition Day

Low Pressure Headache Awareness  

Featured Content – Spinal CSF Leak Foundation

Low Pressure

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American Migraine Foundation

Low Pressure Headache AMF

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What to Know About Low Pressure Headaches?

Fact-A-Day – U.S. Pain Foundation & Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc

Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension (SIH) is a low-pressure headache. Intracranial hypotension means that there is low spinal fluid pressure in the brain. There is a leak of spinal fluid from the spine, either in the neck (cervical) or mid-back (thoracic) area. –Migraine Research Foundation

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Migraine Journeys – MigraineAgain

My son and I fight migraines together.

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Recognition Day Content from

017: How to Show Kindness to People in Pain, with Shaunti Feldhahn


Blogging & Social Media Challenge –

Troubled Times

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Troubled Times

Advocate Stories –

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What’s Misunderstood About Migraine?

Be Visible – Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc & Migraine Mantras

What items do you include in your Migraine/Headache Disorder toolkit?

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There are no in-person events today. To see a full list of events visit CHAMP’s calendar.

June 2018 - National Migraine & Headaceh Awareness Month. #MHAM. You Are Not Alone. Partnering for Better Headache & Migraine Care.

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