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Declaration of Rights for People with Headache Diseases

We, the people with headache, migraine and cluster disease, deserve respect and empathy for the serious and sometimes debilitating medical conditions with which we live. We will not be disempowered, minimized or stigmatized by a society that does not understand the complexity and seriousness of our disease. We demand research, treatments and societal support that is proportional to the impact of our disease. This means an increase in funding for research, better insurance policies that make it easier for us to access our treatments and more visibility in the public space.

We are working to educate people on why the terms “patient” and “sufferer” can be problematic. Sufferers, implies defeat, and we are patients only when interacting with medical professionals who manage our diseases – we are people living with migraine, cluster or headache disease 24/7.

We will fight to have our struggle against these painful and disabling diseases honored. We, to the best of our ability, will make headache diseases visible.


Recommendations For All People

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  1. Honor and believe the struggle of people living with headache, migraine and cluster disease to cope with their pain and many other symptoms.
  2. Educate and work to correct the culture that penalizes people with severe headache, migraine and cluster disease.
  3. Learn about these diseases and understand the systemic nature of them.

Recommendations For People With Headache Diseases

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  1. When you can, reject the stigma of headache, migraine and cluster in yourself, and confront it in others. This takes work and time to understand the messages we have received about living with a chronic disease.
  2. When you can, be visible as a person with headache, migraine or cluster disease.
  3. When you can, participate in awareness and advocacy efforts. Seek out policy makers and advocate for understanding, research and treatment.

Rights Of People With Headache Diseases

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  1. To live a life of dignity, despite whatever limitations may be caused by our disease.
  2. To not be blamed or dismissed for having a headache disease when all we want is effective treatment.
  3. To gain access to quality medical treatment and social service provision not limited by external forces, financial or otherwise.
  4. To advance robust scientific research that addresses the impact of headache disease and chronic pain on people living these diseases, their caregivers and families and society.

Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1000 Signatures

By signing this Declaration of Rights you are adding your voice to the demand for better treatment and greater accommodations for the tens of millions of Americans living with headache, migraine and cluster diseases. This Declaration can be signed by those living with these conditions or caregivers, healthcare professionals and allies who support the rights of people with headache diseases. Your signature (first name, last name or initial, and state) will be displayed digitally and may appear on printed versions that are used in advocacy. We need more empowered voices! Sign TODAY.*
*By submitting you are consenting to our use of your information on this page.

Watch Our Progress

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362 Total Signatures

Tonicia B from Illinois
Nicole Mariani from Wisconsin
Barbara Becvar from Texas
Sherri Dirks from Missouri
Laura Carlisle from Texas
Rebecca Sellers from Texas
Pam Kothmann from Texas
Jane Holman from Utah
Roni M from Texas
Nancy Lockwood from Texas
Hillary E from Idaho
Susan Munson from Michigan
Kari Lewis from Michigan
jeanmarie Van Hart from Pennsylvania
Crystal M from Alabama
Roberta Apte from Georgia
Monique Carpentier from Washington
Renae B from Kansas
Mary Bowler from Texas
Kelley Wheeler from North Carolina
Tracie Ham from North Carolina
clare simmons from California
christie vickers from Tennessee
Robert Campagna from Michigan
Mary H from California
Susan Frausto from North Dakota
Susan Adkins from Washington
Tiffany Cowlishaw from Washington
Lisa Mingus from North Carolina
Wayne Lovett from Texas
Cara Shipley from Nevada
Stephanie Santiago from Pennsylvania
yvonne polk from Florida
Keena Thomas from South Carolina
DonnaLisa Hunte from New York
TINA PARKER from Georgia
TINA PARKER from Georgia
Tara H from Massachusetts
Melissa Wood from Georgia
William Moore from Georgia
Melissa Piercey from Utah
Samuel Smith from California
Jillian S from Pennsylvania
Tony Lee from South Carolina
Terri Alexander from Pennsylvania
Victoria Tremper from New York
Breeann Bryan from Utah
Lindsay B from Colorado
Joseph Castillo from Florida
Thersia Chisholm from Louisiana
Nicole Tate from Texas
Melissa Gieseke-Kuehl from Minnesota
Katherine Pope from Pennsylvania
Jill Dehlin from Michigan
Beth Koritz from Missouri
Cyndi Jordan from Tennessee
Laura Castillo from Utah
Maryssa K from Massachusetts
BonnieRae Jean from Utah
Amanda I. from North Carolina
Sara H from Oklahoma
Katie Davis from Utah
Kalli Haws from Utah
Lesley Sterling from Missouri
Jamie Perrymore from Arkansas
Julie Fleck from Missouri
marilyn griffiths from California
Connie Skogen from Mississippi
Amanda Duncan from Texas
Kris Conlon from Pennsylvania
Patricia W from Pennsylvania
Caroline Rowlader from Tennessee
Missy G from Minnesota
Genny S from Florida
Christina M from Ohio
Karen M from Missouri
Amy Bachman from Iowa
Brandilynn McTigrit from Arkansas
Jennifer M from Maryland
Nicole Voussine from Louisiana
Katie Montgomery from Maryland
Joyce Kalorin from New Jersey
Simon Attwood from California
Cathy Attwood from California
Jodi D from Oregon
Laria Saunders from Colorado
Anna Pokorska from Colorado
Joanna Kempner from Pennsylvania
Andi Cook from Texas
Lori Milne from Michigan
Jane Litwin Taylor from Massachusetts
Maria Silveira from Massachusetts
Melissa Gieseke-Kuehl from Minnesota
Jack B from Ohio
Vonda M from Ohio
Benjamin W from Pennsylvania
Matthew O from Missouri
Dana Miller from Maryland
Rachel C from Pennsylvania
Emily O from Missouri
Krista Furgerson from Illinois
Julie Tazzia from Michigan
Laura P. from Wisconsin
Larissa Herrera from Michigan
Christine Wagner from New York
Randy M from Pennsylvania
Debbie DeLotta from Florida
Janet K from Minnesota
Tracy B from New Hampshire
Bluesette Copeland from Washington
Kari Doerrer from Missouri
Kathleen Urban from New Jersey
Nicole Gerhart from Ohio
Angelica Brehm from California
Michele Rice from California
Pamela Skubish from Arkansas
Shelby C from California
Raquel Ziegler from Illinois
Janice McDaniel from Texas
Megan Skeens from Ohio
Stacie Loreth from North Dakota
Shannon Fox from Florida
Heidi Nelson from California
Chrystian Sawyer from Virginia
Melissa Tejada from California
Skye Eddleman from Washington
Flor de Canela G from Ohio
Georgia Edmonds from New York
Kim Berling from Virginia
Jennifer Corter from New Jersey
Brenda Shannon from Texas
Debra Nemeth from Maryland
Yadira Ramos from Florida
Gail Javins from Ohio
Sarah Kunze from Georgia
Heather T. from Iowa
Jennifer Ramaker from Illinois
Melinda Slagle from Tennessee
Kristen Parks from Iowa
Marissa C from Texas
Julie Davis from Texas
Kristen Estep from Ohio
Jessica G from California
Mindy Direen from Oklahoma
Lisa R from New York
Cynthia Ornelas from Texas
Robyn R from Indiana
Debra Shaw from California
Kristy Schut from Illinois
Sheri M from Illinois
Cathie B from West Virginia
Susan McManus from Alabama
Allyson Wright from Arkansas
Holly Haydin from Texas
Denise Price from Florida
Robyn Nelson from New Jersey
Cindy Reynolds from Oregon
ruth kennedy from Utah
Erica Carrasco from North Carolina
Donna Schoenhals from Oklahoma
Betty Longden from Idaho
Fred Schwab from Oregon
Beth Gilbert from Michigan
Kelly DeMaio from Florida
Diane Henry from Utah
Dan Henry, M.D. from Utah
Elizabeth Austin from West Virginia
Lorie Novak from New York
Erika Ayala from Connecticut
Kym Stevens from Virginia
Pamela S from Indiana
Jamie Van Leer from Illinois
Mirabella Macias from New Mexico
Kevin Lenaburg from California
Elsa Palencia from California
Jessica Jahn from Kentucky
Linda Summerfield from Illinois
Kara Carta from Texas
Kerry Roden from Alabama
Christopher Friedman from Illinois
Darren Antolini from Connecticut
Brandon Smith from New York
Tammy Rome from Kansas
Claudia Lee from Michigan
trisha mastin from Minnesota
Christy Harlow from Kentucky
Susan Kolb from Kentucky
Catrina Groves from Illinois
Emily Brown from Virginia
Jennifer G from Colorado
Kim Smith from Wisconsin
Paula M from Connecticut
Marki Dickens from Maryland
Kathy S from New Jersey
Cathy DiBernardo from New York
Mark Mitchell from New Jersey
William Young from Pennsylvania
Adrienne Olivarez from Texas
Chelle Nic U from Nevada
Michelle Harvey from Texas
Nicole Cipponeri from Michigan
Daphne M from North Carolina
Shanelle S from Hawaii
Dawn Hadland from New Jersey
Jamie Hughes from Florida
Sarah Shaw from New Jersey
Suzanne Warner from Pennsylvania
Shannon Sullivan from Tennessee
Anne L from New Mexico
LaQuinda McCoy from California
Chylo S. from Oregon
Bridget Walker from Massachusetts
Christy Shrum from Virginia
Nancy Purnhagen from Connecticut
Danielle Delgado from New Hampshire
Karen Rollins from Massachusetts
Amanda Bass from Alabama
Allison Lee Stanley from Maine
Terri A from Pennsylvania
Carol Morreale from Mississippi
Jennifer Johnson from Texas
Laura Whitsett from California
Cathy Cottrell from Florida
Gretchen Church from Florida
Jennifer Oliver from Colorado
Tracy St. John from Alabama
Jennie H from South Carolina
Christy Lutz from Maryland
Shelley P from Nebraska
Sonika Aggarwal from Pennsylvania
Donna Boykin from Texas
Lori I from Oklahoma
Naama Lha Kelley from Vermont
Samantha Moore from Alabama
Jill Bates from North Carolina
Alisha Harper from Indiana
Krystal Cooper from Illinois
Emily B. from Minnesota
Karena Loggins from Texas
Ashley Still from Missouri
Heather Sellitti from New York
Cathy Poirier from Michigan
Gretchen Miller from Texas
Neil Pushis from Mississippi
Lauren Spinasanto from Illinois
Debra Jones from New York
Christine A from North Carolina
Teresa Buckley from Illinois
Jeanne Pushis from Mississippi
Bethany Kefauver from Ohio
Jackie Morris from Georgia
Erin Willoughby from Delaware
Kaitlain S from Texas
Elizabeth Zayas from Florida
Victoria Bernick from Florida
Elise M from Massachusetts
Tracie Lang from Michigan
Lucila J from Washington
Cathy Tracy from Massachusetts
Steve Tracy from Massachusetts
Alicia Friedman from Illinois
Michelle Tracy from Massachusetts
Linda Bloom from California
Heather D from Kentucky
Paige Dennis from Texas
Tammy G from Illinois
Kate Nowicki from Illinois
Abigail Banks-Golub from Illinois
Elizabeth R from South Carolina
Dianne Stevens from Connecticut
Brenda Owens from Texas
Sally Steele from California
Dawn Davis from California
Alexis Ziegler from Illinois
Tianna Franco from Iowa
Allison Levis from Pennsylvania
Anna P from Washington
Deana McCarthy from California
Justin Renquist from Indiana
Dennis R from New Jersey
Jeannette R from New Jersey
Joanne M from Pennsylvania
Amy M from Texas
Sarai Jones from Oklahoma
Jessica McCarthy from New Hampshire
Maureen Raynor from California
Jennifer Ferro from Kentucky
Deborah Westfall from California
Jacki Ochs from New York
Jennifer W from California
Amy Ferraro from New Jersey
Heather Ball-parks from Florida
Casey Pitcher from Iowa
Jennifer Roddy from Texas
Trisha Cohen from Florida
Jessica Hannan from Washington
Jamie Lewallen from Louisiana
Nicole R from Alabama
Barb Thornberry from West Virginia
Dawn Sobik from Florida
Ruth S from Alabama
Ruth Mannich from Georgia
MARY RICE from New Jersey
Holly Fail from Utah
Haley Bender from Wisconsin
Alexis Hood from Arkansas
Jane Koher from Georgia
Sarah Murray from New York
Melinda Ransdell from Delaware
Kati Koster from California
Lori T. from Alabama
Linda McGovern from Florida
Meagan Grabowski from New Jersey
Rosa Sundquist from Virginia
Dacia Martinez from Texas
Brooke P from Pennsylvania
Tami K from Utah
Cynde Maurer from Oregon
Naomi Cordova from New York
Nicole Wolcott from Michigan
Becky Dwyer from Illinois
Christina Harper from Indiana
Stephanie Winkelmann from Texas
Kyrsten Woolstenhulme from Utah
Pleashette Wiley from Texas
Devon DeFranco from New York
Chelsea K from Utah
Christine Engel from Florida
Linda LeMieux from Florida
Destiny Stumhofer from Tennessee
Thomas Stumhofer from Alabama
Jessica M from California
Donna Maiello from Nevada
Elizabeth Weyher from Utah
Abby R from South Carolina
Lauren Mashburn from Texas
Jenn Heater from California
Mike Stumhofer from Georgia
Peggy S from Georgia
Shaquita C from Arkansas
Cassie C from Tennessee
Alicia W from Texas
Jennifer Ross from Michigan
Sharron Murray from Washington
Angie Bowersox from Ohio
Deanna D from New Jersey
Shelby C from Texas
Ronetta S from Connecticut
Heidi Bendixen Linton from Utah
Cynthia Cooper from Missouri
Alejandra Chavez from Texas
JP Summers from Wisconsin
Marlette C from California
Sean Maher from West Virginia
Kevin Lenaburg from California
Katie Golden from California
Beth Morton from Vermont
Jessica Napier from California
Shoshana Lipson from California
Chloë King from New Mexico
Amy Graham from New Mexico
Meghan Buzby from Maryland

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