Declaration of Rights for People with Headache Diseases

We, the people with headache, migraine and cluster disease, deserve respect and empathy for the serious and sometimes debilitating medical conditions with which we live. We will not be disempowered, minimized or stigmatized by a society that does not understand the complexity and seriousness of our disease. We demand research, treatments and societal support that is proportional to the impact of our disease. This means an increase in funding for research, better insurance policies that make it easier for us to access our treatments and more visibility in the public space.

We are working to educate people on why the terms “patient” and “sufferer” can be problematic. Sufferers, implies defeat, and we are patients only when interacting with medical professionals who manage our diseases – we are people living with migraine, cluster or headache disease 24/7.

We will fight to have our struggle against these painful and disabling diseases honored. We, to the best of our ability, will make headache diseases visible.