The Disparities in Headache Advisory Council (DiHAC)



The Disparities in Headache Advisory Council (DiHAC) was born from the need to address the inequities and systemic racism of the American healthcare system.

Unfortunately, African Americans bear the brunt of existing healthcare challenges, especially when related to headache diseases. DiHAC is a cross-functional group of patient advocacy organization leaders, BIPOC headache patients and healthcare providers. The Council works with Sheila Thorne, a leading expert in multicultural healthcare marketing. It is tasked with identifying and supporting solutions to racial health disparities in headache medicine. It is also diversifying the engaged headache patient community.

health disparities

Reducing Health Disparities

DiHAC hosts weekly webinars on cross-cultural competency training. Webinars include guest presentations from leaders of effective disparity reduction campaigns in other disease areas. The Council will review and support proposals for new initiatives that will diversify the engaged headache patient community and reduce health disparities in headache medicine.

The Council is organized by CHAMP in partnership with The Migraine Diva Jaime Sanders. Together they will create and distribute an Issue Brief on Disparities in Headache. This document will deliver concrete recommendations for the headache community to create tangible action moving forward.

The Issue Brief will also serve as the foundation for Sanders’ new nonprofit focused on supporting the underserved in headache medicine.

Thank you to the generous sponsors that make DiHAC possible

health disparities
health disparities

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