Elevate the Headache Patient Experience



This biannual think-tank style event aims to improve the patient experience in terms of timeline to diagnosis, medical affordability and appropriate treatment.

ELEVATE the lives of people living with Headache Diseases

CHAMP’s biannual Elevate event is focused on elevating the experience of headache disease patients along each part of their journey. The program brings together stakeholders from different industries to identify the gaps that headache disease patients experience and how to create policies and programs to close those gaps. The goal is to improve the patient experience in terms of timeline to diagnosis, medical affordability and appropriate treatment, which in turn, improves the patient’s quality of life.


Formerly called The Mapping Meetings, our first event was held in 2019 and specifically followed the journey of migraine patients. The Mapping meetings sought to better identify and understand the process migraine patients underwent when seeking care. Through research, patient advocate discussions, and stakeholder engagement, the program was able to identify specific barriers that exist when seeking treatment and diagnosis, the difficulties that follow being diagnosed and prescribed a treatment, and the challenges around advocating for alternative care if such treatments fail.

Programs that have been developed through the Mapping Meetings include: Migraine at School, MigraineNation, Act Now, HeadEd and the Disparities in Headache Advisory Council.

A Room Full of Decision-Makers

This invitation-only event includes individuals and groups from various industries who, together, can make an impact and improve outcomes for people living with headache diseases. It includes patients, doctors, advocacy organizations, pharmaceuticals, health influencers, related-health partners and people who care deeply about making a change.

Redefining Headache Disease

In 2024, this event will take an internal look at how we Redefine Headache Disease. How do we define diseases in which there are many different presentations? How do we diagnose a disease with similar symptoms? How do we increase research and available treatments? This session promises to be both insightful and impactful.

Upcoming Meetings

– May 15 from 12:30-3:30pm ET (virtual)
– November 13 from 1-4pm MT (Scottsdale, AZ & virtual)

Let’s Work Together

If you think your group or organization could be an Elevate stakeholder, please email Program Manager Jessica Robins.