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eNeura Bankruptcy – What Does this Mean for Patients?

eNeura, the maker of SpringTMS and sTMS mini, devices used to treat migraine attacks, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on August 7. This means that the company (Debtor) is no longer operating. CHAMP contacted the lawyer representing the Trustee for additional information.

We learned that the company put no measures in place for patients. However, if you were prescribed one of eNeura’s devices or were issued a trial device, we were told that you will not be charged for the inability to return them.

If there is a successful sale in the bankruptcy case, the product may continue to be available, but there is currently nothing pending in the case. We encourage you to continue to reach out to your prescribing doctor with any questions or concerns about your care and treatment.

We wish we had better news to share. We understand that our community relies on the tools available to help manage migraine disease. When one of our tools is unexpectedly taken away it has a huge impact on the management of our disease, our pain, and ultimately our lives. Please know that we stand with you and will continue to seek answers.

We will provide any updates we receive on this situation as soon as possible.

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