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OOMH Documentary


The compelling feature documentary on migraine.
A film by Jacki Ochs & Susanna Styron

Movie Poster for Out Of My HeadA filmmaker, seeking treatment for her daughter’s migraine attacks, discovers a confounding neurological disease, and learns why a condition so ubiquitous and severe remains deeply misunderstood.

Written and directed by Susanna Styron and produced by Jacki Ochs, Out of My Head sets out to investigate the devastating migraine attacks that have the filmmaker’s daughter in their grip. As mother and daughter seek understanding and ever-elusive treatment, we follow them into a bizarre and fascinating world populated by doctors, neuroscientists, other migraineurs, and such unexpected characters as Lewis Carroll, Sigmund Freud, and Joan Didion. We learn that, rather than a terrible headache, migraine is a complex, deeply stigmatized neurological disease afflicting nearly a billion people worldwide. This kaleidoscopic journey, told through interviews, cinema verité, art and animation, explores the history, impact and raw emotion evoked by this unpredictable and misunderstood condition.

"When I say a headache I don’t mean just a headache, I mean something that would totally brutalize you."
– Joan Didion

Where can I see Out of My Head?

We are partnering with Gathr Films and using a new platform called Theatrical On Demand® to release Out of My Head in movie theaters across the United States. And we need your help! Out of My Head will only come to your city when someone signs up to host a screening and enough tickets are reserved. You can either request to host a screening or reserve tickets to a screening that has been scheduled.

For more information on hosting a screening or to see if the documentary is coming to a theatre near you, visit Out Of My Head.

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