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Giving Tuesday

Help Make a Difference in the Headache Community 

Every day our participant organizations work to improve the lives of people with headache, migraine, and cluster diseases through action, advocacy, community building, and much, much more. If you or someone you know lives with these invisible diseases, please consider donating this Giving Tuesday to one or more of our coalition participants below so they can continue to grow stronger, fight stigma, and give patients a voice. We are all stronger when we work together.

Thank you for your support!


Giving Tuesday Coalition Organizations

Up to $100,000 of donations will be matched.

Association of Migraine Disorders

Accelerating the Most Promising Area of Neuroscience Research

#ResearchIsHope is a campaign that allows you to double your impact to stimulate innovative research in neuroscience.

Migraine is a unifying factor in understanding over 30 other chronic diseases. More research is critical to finding effective and tolerable treatments for ALL people living with migraine.

You can be a part of this bold effort by donating to the Research Is Hope campaign.

Give Some, Support Many. Join The Danielle Foundation in supporting those living with migraine this Giving Tuesday.

The Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation

Join our mission to improve the lives of those living with migraine disease by donating to The Danielle Foundation. Your donation helps to fund accessible educational programs and resources for those living with migraine. Give some, support many of those living with migraine disease. Help us make a difference this Giving Tuesday.
Your voice matters on giving tuesday

Miles for Migraine

Finding a Cure for Migraine Begins With You

Migraine is a highly stigmatized disease, often leaving patients feeling frustrated and alone. Miles for Migraine breaks down stigma by building strong support communities, giving migraine patients a safe space to find and use their voice.    

This #GivingTuesday, join Miles for Migraine in empowering migraine patients to live full and productive lives by reducing stigma and advancing research, education and treatment.

National Headache Foundation Giving Tuesday 2020 for Veterans

National Headache Foundation

For the third consecutive year, the National Headache Foundation (NHF) is raising funds on Giving Tuesday to provide migraine survival toolkits to veterans and active-duty military. Each migraine survival toolkit consists of a canvas bag containing an eye mask, hot/cold pack, earplugs, pillbox, and an emergency information card. The NHF supports the men and women who have served our country by providing resources for better understanding headache, managing pain, and coping with neurological trauma effectively. Founded in 1970, the National Headache Foundation is the oldest and largest foundation for individuals living with migraine disease and headache disorders.

Together we can overcome

Patient Advocate Foundation

Solving Insurance and Healthcare Access Issues Since 1996

Those hit hard by the pandemic and job losses are those already facing enormous financial burdens from a life threatening or chronic disease. A donation to the Patient Advocate Foundation will help families who need access to care, medications, and basic necessities.

5 Wyas to give to Clusterbusters


Clusterbusters supports research for better treatments and a cure while advocating to improve the lives of those struggling with cluster headaches. As more attention is being given to research and to our disease, there's much work to be done — and we ask for your help! This GivingTuesday, please consider supporting our efforts in any of these ways: Volunteer; Get Involved; Tell Your Story; Donate; Share our Message!

You Can Also Donate to Our Other Coalition Participants

  • American Migraine Foundation

    American Migraine Foundation

    The American Migraine Foundation provides education, support, and resources for the millions of men, women, and children living with migraine. Its mission is to advance migraine research, promote patient advocacy and expand access to care for patients worldwide. Migraine, and other disabling diseases that cause severe head pain, impact more than 37 million people in the United States. By educating caregivers and giving patients the tools to advocate for themselves, the American Migraine Foundation has cultivated a movement that gives a collective voice to the migraine community.

  • Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

    Chronic Migraine Awareness

    CMA, Inc is committed to being the voice of the chronic migraine community. This is accomplished by supporting, educating, and empowering people in their health journey with online peer to peer global support groups, social media campaigns and in-person events.

  • Cluster Headache Support Group

    Cluster Headache Support Group

    The Cluster Headache Support Group is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, community for patients and caregivers affected by cluster headache that offers patient education and access to accurate, relevant information and resources, as well as drive and support scientific research that results in treatment advances for patients with cluster headache and other TACs. It adheres to the highest standard of corporate ethics, including disclosure of any and all competing interests. Cluster Headache Support Group’s compassion for the suffering of those affected by cluster headache drives its operations. It believes in collaborative decision-making within its team, soliciting member input, and are committed to working with other headache organizations to further shared goals.

  • Migraine is an industry leader as the only patient-owned and operated migraine website to have medical review of all content. All content is reviewed for accuracy by a team of board-certified Migraine and Headache specialists. Doctors who treat migraine and other headache disorders can feel confident in recommending to their patients. The website covers all aspects of living with migraine disease, including diagnosis, treatment options, lifestyle management, and behavioral health. Research is explained in clear, concise terms that everyone can understand. is a truly comprehensive resource for migraine and headache education.

  • US Pain Foundation

    US Pain Foundation

    The U.S. Pain Foundation is the leading advocacy organization for people with pain. Its mission is to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for individuals living with chronic illness that causes pain, as well as their caregivers and clinicians. Through multiple programs and services, the U.S. Pain Foundation works to enhance the quality of life for people with pain, improve patient outcomes, address access and affordability issues, and increase public awareness and empathy for the issue of pain. The U.S. Pain Foundation is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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