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In the past month, we’ve felt the strength, the passion and the commitment of the headache, migraine and cluster disease community. Through our stories and dedication to “sowing the seeds” for future generations, we are improving the lives and the options for people who live with headache diseases.

MHAM Activities

CHAMP’s member organizations were incredibly busy this month raising awareness at walk/run events, fundraisers, on social media, hosting FB Live or webinars, at Times Square, in Time Magazine, wearing shades, changing light bulbs purple, obtaining proclamations, sharing facts and challenges and recognizing six awareness days. See the full list of activities on CHAMP’s MHAM page

Notable MHAM News

FDA approves first CGRP inhibitor (galcanezumab-gnlm) for the prevention of episodic cluster attacks

Migraine at Work website was launched, including materials for both employers and employees

Volunteer Registry created by Shades for Migraine

RetreatMigraine 2020 gets greenlight

Our Work is Not Finished

Of course we know that the month of June alone does not speak for the efforts that happen all year; however, it does bring us together; it does create conversations; and it does create a spotlight on headache diseases.

We thank all our members, sponsors, friends and family who have worked tirelessly for improved education, more treatment options and better access to new medicines and devices. Together, we truly are sowing the seeds. But seeds need to be watered all year long. Watch out for other ways to raise awareness of headache diseases throughout the year. 

Wishing you the best of health, 

Katie M. Golden 

Director of Patient Relations, CHAMP

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