Migraine Awareness Campaign: Think Talk Treat

Migraine is more than just a headache. CHAMP’s awareness videos for Lilly’s Think Talk Treat campaign help people recognize the symptoms of migraine and encourage them to talk with their healthcare provider to get the care they deserve.

Think Talk Treat Migraine
CHAMP Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients

CHAMP is partnering with Lilly’s Think Talk Treat campaign to raise awareness about migraine disease. Through a series of videos created for digital platforms, real migraine patients explain the many symptoms of migraine beyond headache. The videos encourage people to talk with their healthcare providers about what they are experiencing and how it is impacting their lives. There are more treatment options for migraine than ever before. By working with their healthcare providers, patients can explore treatments that may help them to stop or prevent migraine attacks.

If you experience headaches that impact your ability to perform normal activities or are accompanied by sensitivity to light, and/or nausea you should THINK migraine, TALK with your healthcare provider, and TREAT migraine.

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