There are many factors that bring on a migraine attack, but there’s one migraine trigger around all the time: food. Like people living with diabetes, those with migraine need to be careful about the food we put in our bodies. The best approach is to record what you eat regularly. Keep track of which foods you’ve eaten on headache days, and see what commonalities there are. That said, there are lots of foods that are common issues for many people with migraine.

 Migraine Trigger Examples

migraine trigger
  • Excessive coffee or caffeine

  • Alcohol, especially red wine

  • Chocolate

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Foods containing MSG

  • Citrus fruits

  • Dehydration

Not every food is a trigger for every person, so keep this in mind before taking all of these foods out of your own diet. Recording what foods you eat that correlate with migraine attacks is still the easiest way to manage your pain.