Triggers are a part of life for anyone who suffers from headache or migraine disease, and one of the most noticeable types are the sensory ones. While we can’t control the weather, we can help alleviate the symptoms caused by sensory concerns. If you’re not sure which migraine trigger affects you, start to keep track of which ones bother you.

Migraine trigger examples and how to avoid them:

migraine trigger
  • Bright lights: fluorescent lighting, blue light from screens, and bright sunlight can all trigger a migraine. Multiple migraine organizations sell special glasses, but there are lots of different kinds of ways to approach this!

  • Loud sounds: Do you listen to music during work hours or when you get home? Consider turning down the volume. Loud sounds, just like with headache, can trigger migraine or make it worse. Keep a quiet space in your home if possible.

  • Strong smells: So many modern toiletries have scent, and that can be affecting you more than you think! Search for unscented products when you can and you may find yourself experiencing less pain days.

Though you won’t always be able to avoid these, being aware of what you can control in your own home. If you can control what happens at home, you can also likely remove a great number of attacks you experience.

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