Migraine triggers are everywhere- from the food we eat to our computer screens to even the weather! But it’s best to think of triggers like filling up a glass: the more you know about, the more you can avoid, and the less likely the glass is going to spill over. There are several different kinds of weather that can trigger a migraine, so keep track of which ones bother you. Not sure what to look for?

Common Migraine Trigger Examples:

  • Changes in barometric pressure: Barometric pressure can change for a variety of reasons, but one to watch out for is an impending storm. If you experience more migraine attacks when it’s raining outside, this may be a trigger for you.

  • High humidity or dry air: This may be hard to tell depending on where you live, but pay attention to fluctuations in humidity. If your migraine disease gets worse on more humid or dry days, be sure to take note.

  • Bright sunlight: Light sensitivity is a big problem for migraineurs, and this doesn’t just apply to harsh office lighting! A bright day outside can be a major trigger, so never leave home without a good pair of sunglasses.

  • Extreme heat or cold: Your migraine disease can fluctuate seasonally, not just due to humidity levels. Pay attention to migraine attacks on particularly hot or cold days.
migraine trigger

Taking control of what you can with migraine disease can make so much difference in your daily pain. Consider keeping a headache diary so you can track what does and doesn’t affect your migraine attacks!

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