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Three arms with the RetreatMigraine tattooed on them.

RetreatMigraine: A Lasting Impression

This past weekend the members of CHAMP hosted RetreatMigraine, a 3-day education conference for people living with migraine disease. More than 200 people came to San Antonio, TX to connect, experience and heal with those who understand without saying a word. Throughout the weekend, attendees learned more about their disease, various ways in which to manage it and were empowered to advocate for more respect, empathy and treatment access for a disease that impacts more than 40 million people in the U.S.

Three arms with the RetreatMigraine tattooed on them.
Photo by Tracie Tysinger

The RetreatMigraine logo was designed by CHAMP’s Creative Web Director, Sean Maher. If you look closely at the white space in the logo, you will see embedded within are three people holding hands – representing community, connections and support, which were thoughtfully planned out during the event. The calming colors chosen for the backdrop of this experience were meant to foster acceptance, reflection and accommodation.

The lotus flower grows in muddy waters. This inhospitable environment nurtures the flower’s bloom. Like those with invisible illnesses, the lotus rises above the murk to create beauty and strength in the midst of troubled waters.

Temporary tattoos of the RetreatMigraine logo were used in creative ways by attendees. However, never in our wildest dreams did anyone think that this symbol would leave such a lasting impression.

Three attendees were so moved by their experience they decided to make it permanent by getting inked.

CHAMP staff, member organizations and especially the designer were moved to tears when the tattoos were revealed.

We are humbled by this action and we hope these tattoos embody the lasting impression this experience leaves on all attendees of RetreatMigraine.

We continue to be amazed by how attendees braved many challenges to attend this event and we are honored by the overwhelmingly positive responses we have received.

We thank our sponsors whose support made all of this possible, our volunteers who gave up their time make others’ experiences more seemless and especially to all 22 CHAMP members who shared their knowledge and worked together to elevate our community.

We have a series of upcoming posts, including the group photo and a highlight video, to continue to share this event.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Eileen Brewer, Retreat Director
Kevin Lenaburg, CHAMP

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