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You only need to look in the mirror to see one of the leading experts on headache disease patient care; are you ready to share your story? By becoming an outspoken member of our community, you’ll help those just starting their patient journey and those navigating the ups and downs of their disease. From misdiagnosis and struggles with insurance companies to treatment successes and positive conversations, every story you share will help change the narrative and inspire more CHAMPions like you.


Click on each link to find out how to share your story.

  • American Migraine Foundation

    American Migraine Foundation

    Help to shed light on what it means to live with migraine disease by sharing your migraine moments in 500 words or less with the American Migraine Foundation. AMF believes every person living with migraine has a story to tell. Yours could be featured on AMF’s website and social media accounts. #MoveAgainstMigraine

  • Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

    Chronic Migraine Awareness

    For those living with chronic migraine, sharing your migraine disease journey is one of the most powerful things you can do to combat stigma and help educate and support people. If you would like to help others by sharing your journey, please send it to Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc. at

  • Healthy Women


    Passionate about providing a platform for women to courageously share their health journeys, HealthyWomen launched the “Real Women, Real Stories” series to inspire all women take charge of their health.

  • INvisible Project

    INvisible Project

    This page empowers people to tell their own story through words and pictures to make sure to help shed light on that which has been invisible for too long.

  • Migraine Again

    Migraine Again

    Join hundreds of people with migraine who have already shared their stories of what life is truly like with this disease. Migraine Again makes it easy and semi-anonymous (no last names). Your story can inspire and encourage someone else with migraine.

  • Logo allows people to connect with others living with migraine. From sharing personal stories that can be featured in a weekly newsletter and on social media accounts to asking and answering questions  online, community members commiserate to feel less alone in their migraine journey.

  • National Headache Foundation

    National Headache Foundation

    Help raise and increase awareness of migraine disease and other headache diseases by sharing your personal journey and story with the National Headache Foundation and show you are not alone. You may submit your story in either a written blog or video blog.

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