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Volunteer & Contribute Your Talents

There are many ongoing opportunities to write for organizations, submit your art and poetry, and help with social media administration, etc. Part of being an advocate is speaking out, helping change the perception and stigma surrounding headache diseases, telling people what it is really like, and letting other people with headache disease know that they are not alone! Here are some organizations that may accept your writings, artwork, poetry, and other talented contributions.

Volunteer Your Time

To expand our impact year-round, CHAMP member, the Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) has created a volunteer registry database for anyone looking to make a difference in our community. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute time to better the headache disease community, simply fill out the Volunteer Registry form. You will be added to the database and any of the headache disease patient advocacy organizations may contact you as volunteer roles are needed.

There are many ways to become part of the Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc family. Send in your artwork or poetry, help administer one of CMA’s many Facebook groups, or share your talents with the organization by emailing nhbonk@gmail.com. Become a member of the CMA Support Squad task group to help raise awareness and start a dialogue about chronic migraine.If you would like to contribute to CMA’s blog, please submit your writings to migrainemantras@gmail.com.

If you have a story to tell about your health journey, consider submitting it to Healthy Women by emailing info@healthywomen.org with your best pitch. Take time to read their site to get a feel for what they write about, then send a brief outline of your idea, how long you think it should be, and whether there is any art that goes with it. If possible, include examples of your previously published work. Healthy Woman commissions articles and essays on a wide range of health and wellness topics for women including headache, migraine, and cluster diseases.

To be considered as a contributor, please email contact@migraine.com with examples of current work.

If you’d like to write for MigraineAgain.com, you are welcome to submit writing samples to Editor@MigraineAgain.com. Preference given to people with migraine or headache disorders. No solicitations or content farms, please.

If you would like to volunteer or contribute for Miles for Migraine email: info@milesformigraine.org. Compensation provided for articles on:

  • Advocacy: how to advocate while sick, why advocacy matters
  • The caregiver experience
  • Exercise/movement/play even though you’re sick
  • Ways to overcome stigma

In the fall of each year, the Migraine World Summit looks for volunteers to help with multiple aspects of putting on and running their spring Summit. Sign up for their emails and look for the notification each Fall.

Contribute to Remedy, a blog by U.S. Pain Foundation. Remedy aims to provide people with the support they need to thrive despite chronic pain. It features the information about promising treatments, tips and strategies for self-management, resources for coping with the emotional and social effects of pain, unique perspectives from patients, clinicians, and caregivers and much more. To submit an article idea, email contact@uspainfoundation.org.


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